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22,6,2016.Lawks, so long since the last post - just goes to show how busy we all are painting.

Anyway, 5 minutes at last to update: June on Porthmeor beach, must be over 3000 sunlovin' people, and that's a lot of wind breaks.



12,1,2015. Hiho, hiho, it's off to work we go. From Mon 19th and for about a week the gallery will be closed for our annual refurb. Time for us to stop painting canvas and start painting walls.

Oh, the unalloyed joy! Nevermind it looks a treat when it's done.



7,1,2015. Well that's Christmas again and a spectacular fireworks show on the pier for the usual packed New Year's celebrations here! A new year and a new member! Art Space welcomes Lucy Middleton into the fold, already proving very popular with customers.



Welcome to the brand new look Art Space website!

On this page we will continue to tell you a little about what's happening with the gallery and our town.

See you soon!